Proyecto “Necessitas Creer”

SYNERGYE, in an unprecedented partnership with the Sergipe State Department of Justice, Labor and Consumer Defense (SEJUC/SE), inaugurated a factory of electronic anklet chargers in the State of Sergipe at PEAB II, through a public-private partnership. Under the terms of this new and unprecedented partnership with the State, SYNERGYE electronic monitoring equipment chargers will be manufactured in the State, as a way of strengthening the Public Policy of Accessibility to Professional Training and Generation of Employment and Income, within the scope of Reinsertion Social.

Through this partnership, actions aimed at inmates of the Prison Unit of the Semi-Open Regime of Areia Branca will be promoted, supporting the strengthening of policies of opportunization, professional training, access to the labor market, job and income generation and social reintegration, related to the of the public of inmates in progression.

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