Using Synergye’s Electronic Anklet, nearly 200 detainees leave Marabá’s prisons

The detainees are being monitored by the Integrated Electronic Monitoring Center using Synergye technology.

On 10/30/21, 198 detainees were released from the penal houses of Marabá, in the southeast of the state. They benefited from the temporary departure due to the celebrations of the Círio de Nazaré and have seven days to return to the penal houses.

Temporary release is a benefit granted by justice to prisoners while serving their sentence. Detainees in the semi-open regime and who meet the requirements required by law are entitled.


Detainees are monitored by the Integrated Electronic Monitoring Cente. All wear electronic anklets and are accompanied by the system that monitors their every step in a control center.

Detainees will be monitored 24 hours a day | James Oliveira / RBATV

Before leaving, the inmates underwent medical care. When they return after seven days, they will undergo new tests to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus.

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