Electronic monitoring

Synergye na SEAP Amazonas

Synergye at SEAP Amazonas

The Secretary of State for Penitentiary Administration (Seap) held, on Wednesday (25/09), in the plenary of the Court of Jury – Forum Henoch Reis, a lecture on Rules of Electronic Monitoring and Re-socialization of Semi-open Inmates.… [leia mais]
Synergye no Pará

Synergy in Pará

On Monday morning (23), an operation began to work in the Recovery and Monitoring Group of the Superintendence of the Pará Penitentiary System (Susipe). The “Monitors” action it was carried out by the Penitentiary Operations Command (COPE).… [leia mais]

Synergye at TNH1 News

Tool protects victims of domestic violence. Through the cell phone an alert alerts you when the offender is approaching.

 … [leia mais]

Synergye at the Susipe Pará

The purpose of the workshop was to promote debate on electronic monitoring services, ensuring proper follow-up in ensuring the execution of the sentence, and promoting th knowledge exchanges and partnerships. Currently, Pará has 1,558 monitored.… [leia mais]