Synergye na SEAP Amazonas

Synergye at SEAP Amazonas

The Secretary of State for Penitentiary Administration (Seap) held, on Wednesday (25/09), in the plenary of the Court of Jury – Forum Henoch Reis, a lecture on Rules of Electronic Monitoring and Re-socialization of Semi-open Inmates. A partnership with the 24th Prosecutor for Justice and Criminal Execution (Proep) and the Criminal Execution Court (VEP). At the time, 155 inmates were reached.
Orientation lecture is held at the Henoch Reis Forum for Semiaberto Inmates
The lectures, which are intended to guide the convicts on the semi-open regime’s penalty enforcement rules, which are conducted by electronic monitoring, will be held every last Wednesday of each month until all 2,640 are monitored electronically are achieved. Full news here.